Wednesday, May 20, 2009


author's note:haven't been able to sleep much since my holiday has been sacrificed by my faculty club, but hey still it smack right onto my heart the experience

(me,too bad im too small for this pic,hahaha)

last weekend, my friends and me had to go to some program call K-Siswa, much more like a charity, motivational and tips to help student of standard 6 to go through their UPSR (UPSR is one of Malaysia examination normally taken by 12 year old kid to go to primary school, Malaysia still holiding their quantity rather than quality student). So the before i've been chosen (more precise, been force to,since im one of the Exco in my faculty), i was selected to be program coordinator(PC), so i have to do the tentative and module and stuff, but never mind bout that, so as we reach to the school, as usual,kids, like to run here and there, shouting like hell and it doesn't bother me, because i've already went through all of that, so the first day of the program as usual, ice breaking among the student of standard 6, all of the Fasi has been given groups of theirs to handle, and hence left me with nothing to do, just watch them having fun only

(fasi with their group)

Meanwhile, all the committee that were not Fasi help clean, makes mural and stuff(too bad i can only watch them,haha)

the next day, we start our module, but i swear to God that these kids are freaking naughty!!even some of the fasi has give up but still holding through, i really-really admired them as i also help them and become the Fasi once in a while but then i could only last less than half and hour!these kids are madness!!haha,behind those angel eyes lies the devil,hahaha,but anyway its normal,kids and naughty couldn't be separated, but as we go for module:kerohanian(soul and religious,as all of these kids is Islam,so we taught them Islam), i was stumble, stun and couldn't stand (i was about to leave to check around),what happen?

these kids (12 year's old kid) couldn't recite the most important things in Islam that is pray,they couldn't even say the Niat (the first thing to do to perform prayer). Since i was born in urban culture, it was a shame if you couldn't recite Niat if ur that age, so God shows me that not everyone is complete, and not everyone is what i expected. i then help those Fasi teach them this basic thing. As we all went through these program, these kids shows me lots of things and has open my eyes really wide, and smack my pride into pieces

what have i seen in these type of program, something that should have been share by others long time ago. There are kids out there that really need help in learning, their living atmosphere sometime doesn't suits them, and these children are too young too see drug addict, hidu gam, gambling and smoker in front of their eyes. most of their parents are lack of knowledge about education, and these angel are following them, and whose going to help them if it is not us?the University student?the one who had experience and value the price of knowledge?even though our pointer are sucks, our grades are terible but we already went to University right?means that, these children look us as the role model, they pure mind stated that whoever went to university is intelligent person, and it is not easy to go there. SO me as the urban life people, feel so embarrass as in my little mind, i've assume that everyone is same like me, lucky like me, and happy like me, but when i see those kids, my pride torn apart, i mean....WAKE UP YOU GUYS!!go and help them!!they really-REALLY need our help in education. Imagine what will happen if these new generation couldn't even spell FREEDOM?or understand the meaning of INTEGRITY? or even know how to PRAY and recite YAASIN to their parents when their time has come?or worse...they are ATIES?don't even know they own God??

I felt really unlucky as i miss the last season of this program(the one i went was K-Siswa 5,so i miss the K-Siswa 4) as i could benefit more from my senior experience. rather that sleeping and doing nothing at my house during these longest holiday, i think it is better to teach this kids something more valuable. i even say this to my friends, but some of them are looking at this as a JOKE?maybe they could not understand the situation, but i hope whoever read these, go and find any charity program,especially the one that help and give motivational to these kids, as it really-really bring benefits to you and for our generation

they need you to guide them, and our guidance worth more than your holiday.....

"3 perkara yang akan pahalanya akan berterusan, yakni Doa anak yang soleh, Amal Jariah dan ILMU yang memberi kebaikan"

Saturday, April 25, 2009

think positive!

editor's note:Apparently on next semester my faculty and mechanical faculty will face a new environment of study,so this blog are based on what happen yesterday,where my dean and other staff that had relation on this stuff will explain what will happen to us

so in my university(UMP that is), rumors are everywhere, maybe other university also faces the same gossip as we, but the good things about rumors is, it get exciting every time it passes through other, hehe, just to add up a lil spice in their story,so the latest rumors that happen to come to my ear was that my faculty have to go to our main campus at Pekan, which is, really far from others, but it is near to the sea which i forgot the name,so the view is nice,but the environment are not enough for us teenagers to go and have fun. from Pekan to Kuantan takes for about an hour rather than from Gambang to Kuantan which is half an hour,or if you got the guts it can be less then 15 minutes(seen with my eyes my friend push it Kancil to the limit and manage to come back at 12 minutes++). the problem at Pekan is that...we don't have facilities such as hostels and such yet,but we have only lecture hall and lab,and it is estimated that bout 87% have finish(for only electrical and mechanical faculty,not include the hostels and such).

So how do we go to class?From Gambang to Pekan takes 1 hour to reach,depends on the road situation, if got jam and it will take longer than you expected!and the answer is.....we go there by BUS,oh yeah which mean if the class start at 8,the bus should run at 6 in the morning,and we have to wake up at 5,and there's our nightmare begin. How the hell my University got such idea?stupid or what?was the goverment or the University staff should be blame on this?so my friends and i are like going to protest and shows our hatred of that bad idea. so the staff there put an end to our misery and did a speech about what will happen on the next sem,about our "everyday college trip",and there's lot of question and answers, should say the the mechanical deans was really funny and it did release our tense about our worst situation

so the thing here is,about how we first think as everything as an obstacle. my first tought was going to say NO to this shit,and hell i won't go to class if it goes like this. but my dean word makes me to re-consider his opinion. He said that it is true we might face this as the problem,but the probem could occure only on the first 1-2 month,because we need to adapt to the situation,make the obstacle as your challenge and if you overcome it, there's more benefit you'll achieve. the minute i hear that,my heart melt down and i put myself back in, and say this to myself "walao i only know how to complain but never try to grab the chance". problems should occured, but we never know until we got in the situation first, and human are the most inteligent species on earth, we can change our act according to the situation and react on the same time. so why don't i take this chance as something adventurous!a challenge to go to class and maybe a sweet memory,who knows right?eventhough its getting tougher at the end of the sem, but we still can make it

we planned it perfectly, but it is God who will dtermine how it goes end. God know who's suffering and He like to test His believers, so this is a test for us, and maybe our prayer could be reach to Him due to our condition, so it is still a benefit for us eh!however sometime people could not reconsider what they have tought, for some of my friends who DIDN'T got to the speech, and ask me to tell the story and yet spit their anger right to my face, because they did not know the word that my dean has told, eventhough i tell them what the dean speach was, still they spit their anger back at me,nevermind,some people easy to change,some are don't,maybe i was too naive to think this could be good and not thinking further more, because if i go through it again,and think deeply what will happen to me on that situation, i could worsten my life so bad, and gone mad to someone,haha.

so think positive my friends,it sure benefits you in many way, and it makes my life less complicated and less whining~bertindak tanpa pikir merupakan idea bodoh,berfikir terlalu dalam mengenai masalah membebankan diri, berfikir segalanya sebagai satu cabaran adalah senjata kejayaan

Saturday, March 28, 2009

kerje dan anda

author's note: skarang ni xbanyak mase dan xbanyak peluang,kerje banyak tapi hasil xde,pening

dengan banggenye terpilih untuk memegang jawatan dalam persatuan fakulti,namun di sudut hati tidak terase bebannye lagi. dalam ingatan cume perlu adekan progrem untuk student, i'm here because i have to serve them and give them what they want. jadi perancangan memang ade,tapi bile dah jadi big boys ni, we plan but only God knows what will happen.

So beze kerje di atas (berjawatan besar) ni dengan bahagian bawah....BANYAK beze. paling ketare yang diatas merancang dan yang di bawah hanya melakukan arahan. tetapi kalau yang bawah slack, yang atas paling best nak menampung tohmahan tohmahannye~oh yeah,dan ini terjadi dekat aku skang ni

ade 1 progrem yang sepatutnye dijalan kan sejak zaman dahulu lagi,namun disebabkan banyak masalah yang melande,kene tangguh(of coz some who's been reading right now would know what program I've been talking right now),orang asik bertanye how's the progam,and what's the progress,and what would i say,i don't know.....dapat jawatan tidak pernah terase seberat begini, sebelum ni pernah je pegang jawatan,namun bila di peringkat mahasiswa, if you don't do your work it's like people will judge you in the wrong way,mayb im not ready for bigger task, or mayb im the one that shouldn't hold this position, sometime i feel useless, disgrace and sux, sbb xdapat nak serve member2 yang lain

in the matter of fact, some of the problem comes from me, as a leader you shouldn't put mistakes to your workers, because it's you who give them work, lainlah kalau xbuat kerje,tu memang nahas, tapi kebanyakannye datang dekat ak sendiri. sangat penat sebab memikirkan how to serve and unite all of my friends, maybe those who didn't know me would say im a lazy person,well though it's the fact but i did try my best to satisfied all, it's just people are not judge others because of the progress, but the result that is the matter....however, of all this mess and trouble, a sun shine through the slips of these messes and open up my eyes

memang benar,berjawatan anda kene pikir dan merancang dengan cemerlang, tetapi masalah-masalah yang melande kini membuka hati dan minda aku sendiri. walopon banyak masalah, tapi aku masih memikirkan jalan penyelesaian untuk memuaskan hati semua, walopon banyak masalah tetapi masih lagi ade member yang menyokong dari belakang, walopon banyak masalah namun masih lagi perlu dijalan kan progrem yang akan aku lakukan nanti. i don't want to make a progrem just to fill in the blank, but i want to make something that everyone would like to involve,and it is not easy as you think, but facing these type of problem has made me stronger then ever. little by little i manage to overcome my tense and pressure, which is good. and it even make me acknowledge some of my fellow mates, because as a leader you HAVE to remember their names

there are once my friend told me that remembering your new friends name will make them heppi!so i want my workers(kejam gile ayat,workers??) to feel happy for me,though our progrem didn't went well, but the process is more important, result may come but only for that moment, but experience that will make you grow larger

so to those who holding some big position in your workplace, be a leader who is friendly to others,as when a leader became closer to their workers, all of your task will end up smoothly and ending with a smile, though you guys face many problems but thats what make both of you stronger, so i willl try to satisfied all of you out there, and please bare for silly works i have done, and thank you for supported me all this way

Thursday, February 26, 2009

how will u make it through the end?

this blog is based on auzi's father,who's passed away on monday morning(23/2),al-fatihah

auzi tell us that his father got to go to hospital, because of some serious problem regarding the internal organs. so he had to skip lots of class, pity on him. but we as his friends make a visit to his father at hospital, and seeing his father on that condition, im curious and really amazed that auzi could bear to see his own father on that state of weak, pain and so much trouble. i tell myself could i ever be like Auzi?he can be as low as me and he can be matured as if he already has a family, i really impressed him. we gave a small charity,to less the burden he carry on,but still,money cant bring your sick father and turn him into healthy one, but that's all we can do on that day

last monday, in engineering lab class, an emergency call ringing thru auzi mobile phone. mayb it is from sumone important, i wouldn't know,the assumption was that the hospital need him because of his father or sumthin else,so he had to skip the class. but later on after we finish class, friends all are same as me,eagerly want to seek the answer, why auzi left class so early?it it because of hisz father?is his father ok?lots of question but one answer depleted any other question,"ayah auzi dah meninggal(auzi's father has passed away)". we want to have a visit on him later that afternoon,because in Islam visiting a deceased will gain deed and brings the taught to repent,because life is not always long for us to repent later. however, auzi said that they already buried his father later on zohor, which means we couldn't make it on time, but Auzi ask us to come later at night, to have tahlil(recite yaasin in holy-Quran for the dead).May his faher rest in peace and have a good spot in heaven

the story starts here, i remember being good friends is everything,have a lots of friends gain lots of benefits. i thought that if i become a good friends to everyone, they surely can help me when im in trouble, or even when i need money,i could borrow from them. most of it true, but what question me is,is everyone will remember me as they good ol friend,when im gone?

to meet people,its a faith,to be separate, is a task, but to be separate from different world, is a must. Death is a path,one cannot avoid nor be cheated, if God willing to take your soul then that's it, even though there are serious medical cases where some have survived,with or without scars, but if it's your time to leave, then there are no excuse...

life is like a white paper, bold and have nothing in it, just plain white, but it is us who will determine the colour, so when you grown up, get older and the colours are finished!but when death comes to you,and claim your soul, are you prepare for it?

I know my deed is never enough, and my sins are growing bigger, but i've been thinking sumthin else. When my time is up,is everyone of my friend will come?will they miss me?or the leaving of me would be something good?i don't know about others feeling,well sometime human do make mistakes, but if i did the mistakes to one of you readers,im sorry

because death is the only thing that disconnect us from this world, and what relies after that still remain question, but the leaving of me would be a reminder of you? would my friends says"bob's already gone,im gonna miss em",or would they say"to hell you go for mocking me always!(coz i did that everytime,LOL!)". eventhough you all going to miss sumone whose already gone,but would it be a benefit?in Islam, 3 things that will carry on later in judgment day,your sons prayer,your deeds that bring others a benefit(such as knowledge or build a house),and another 1 i forgot,hahaha....but that is the thing i should remember, and you guys too

it doesn't matter how many friends you have, but if you are be good to them, they will definitely remember you,and if you are their bestes friend,they could recite Yaasin for you every time they feel so,so good friend like this will bring benefits...A LOT!,so be good to them,and make their life wonderful,as if you paint together with them,they will always remember you

so how will you make through the end?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

it's been a long time!!

last post publish was on 25 Jan, now it's nearly 1 month since i post a new blog,well hard to say that i got a lot of things running, gunung ledang,UTP,makan2 and stuff, can say that my U life starting to bloom, but on the second year at second sem, nevermind bout that, well just go on with life and squeeze the juiciness of life enjoyment!

its just a simple blog i would write here,just to update, so later i will try to find new ideas to share,but for now really sorry, i've been busy with my activities and i play games alot!wutehell~haha,so late eh!go enjoy ur life!

Sunday, January 25, 2009



hah kali ni isu pade diri sendiri,besenye aku cite ape yang berlaku sekeliling,namun perkare yang berlaku sekeliling inilah yang buat aku emo sedikit,pasal boikot MALAYSIA

barang utame ialah McD,pergh lepas ak men boling makanan paling xberkhasiat nilah ak g makan,last2 ak dpt tau McD itu ISRAEL!namun setelah beberape ketol membe aku dok xpuas ati,tibalah 1 artikel dr pengarah kepade anak syarikat McD,KFC,pizza hut dan ape lagi,menulis surat bahwe McD MALAYSIA BUKAN MILIK ISRAEL!

pengarah McD,azmin Jaafar dengan trang tang2 menyebut bahwe keuntungan syarikat tidak disalur ke Yahudi,guane bende ni bole berlaku?dekat Israel ade McD,n ade byk cwngn McD kt sinun?ni kerane syarikat McD malaysia asalnye nk tubuh kn syarikat Fast Food,dan McD malaysia MEMBELI NAME,bukan membuka cawangan ye,Beli name utk peroleh keuntungan SENDIRI manekale MEMBUKA CAWANGAN,keuntungan akan disalur teros ke HQ

ape efek kite band McD dan adek bradeknye?kalau kite ckp McD itu YAHUDI,make 200ribu++ org akan kehilangan tempat kerje,dh le ekonomi gawat,kene plak buang kerje sbb pemikiran dahsyat orang lain

TESCO yahudi???sbb ape die kate TESCO YAHUDI?aku tgk ayat kecik2 boikot israel,die ckp sbb TESCO bukak cwgn atas tanah Israel,dan bla2 ngarut,bukan sbb profit die kene antar ke israel,kamon lah,engineer r master of calculation,if u cant calculate,how can u predict?there are cause and effect of misunderstanding,research is what makes engineer different from other people,jangan samekan pemikiran dengan orang yg tgh emosi,dan ini xde kaitan langsung dgn politik!

ade artikel menyatekan bahwe,bukan boikot care penyelesaian,tetapi peperangan!!JIHADD!dan menyalahkan parti BN tidak menghantar tentera untuk berperang,namun begitu,pernah kah kite berfikir,untuk ape kita hantar tentera?untuk membela nasib palestin?untuk berjihad?pernah berfikir bawe jika kite melancarkan peperangan Jihad terhadap Israel,ekonomi kite lah akan merundum?dan adekah sesetengah forumer itu sedar bahwe peranan OIC tidak dimainkan sepenuhnye?byk bende bole buat,bukan jihad dan hantar askar shj,seperti sedia maklum,boikot ni merupakan long term effect,yahudi akan rase selepas beberape tahun lamanye,mayb 2-5 years,dan untuk masakini usahawan2 malaysia patot bangkit dgn produk2 sendri

jangan dilupakan peranan JAKIM,yang menghalalkan segala produk2 di Malaysia,tugas anda kali ni bolehlah mengedar flyer yang disahkan JAKIM bahwe produk2 seperti Nestle dan sebagainye itu YAHUDI,mainkan peranan anda,bukan nye asik serbu hotel untuk tangkap basah dan isu makanan yang was2 semate2,think before we act

why am i writing this?because i feel it's too hard to believe that some-fool-one people saying that secret recipe is zionist!at that moment i make my own research about this boycotting thinggy,people are too believe of myth rather than to check with their own eyes,what's the use of technology if you cant use em to make research?we say that we are engineer yet we act opposite like them,please refer to somene before we act,what will the workers do after this?

kalau aku salah tegur,terima kasih

Thursday, January 15, 2009


author's note:still got time left before i go to my next class so I'll tell something that happen on my public speaking class,meanwhile to update my blog also,hehe

the class start as usual,8 in the morning so i go there with my best-ol-friend with his motorbike,nothing happen,no event,nor anything excited happen,except that we went to the wrong direction,hah for the first time,haha

during the public speaking,lectures come and explain stuff bout speaking in public,but my point here is not in the class,its when the lecture's give us permission to rest for 5 minutes,but that five minutes of rest with my friends there has made me think for a while,and share with you

we were just talking bout bowling event,which whoever think he's good at it can represent our university in MASUM,before this I already read bout this bowling thing,and to represent my U and fight with other U as well,but i have a conflict inside myself,saying that am i capable enough?if i did good there,will i make a same result in MASUM?how can i have a consistence play?ca i bet 224 score?and lots of negative question flows in and never comes out,so i decided NOT to take any risk by taking form of aplication

i express my feeling to them,saying bout that kinda stuff,but they answer it really simple,"just play for fun lah,don't overthink la wei",that answer,well,makes me feel angry a bit because they were thinking it as a small matter,what i saw was if i get score 120,but the other U get 140++,will that result scratch my U name?but my friends add somemore,he said that im thinking too far,just go and try,if ok then it's fine,but if not then nevermind,i really want to slay that answer,but i stop and stood for a while

why am i keeping the negative inside me?why wouldn't i try to go there first?why didn't i take that chance?it's like im stoping myself to grab that chance that might never come back nex year,some people does think like this,they were thinking too much of obstacle and started to think failure WILL occur,but that is the fact,if you never fail you'll never learn,but some of us afraid to take RISK!but those who don't care bout it achieve SUCCESS!why do we must bother bout cannot reach higer target?is be number 1 so important?

in competition,wining is everything,but that doesn't mean losing will make you lose everything,but the EXPERIENCE is what makes both winner and losers get,so here,it is valuable to make us more matured in many ways,why put obstacle in,when you can put aside it and achieve gold?hence i agree to what they all said,just do it,doesn't matter what the result is

so it's already 5 minutes,we went back to our class,and i'm thinking bout this attitude of mine,and beginning to think how my friends were thinking,and share with you guys,so take the challenge,grab any chance that you can have,and get the experience in it!!